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Individual therapy can help individuals with interpersonal issues.  For example, problems with parents, children, significant others, and/or friends. Individual therapy is also effective for stress management and self-growth.


Couples therapy is useful for couples who are experiencing relational/ marital problems.  These problems include but not limited to marriage, divorce, infidelity, sex, parenting, and infertility issues. I also offer Co-Parenting Counseling to those who are mandated by the court. I pay particular attention to strategies for building constructive communication and positive parenting skills.


We offer age appropriate counseling for young children and adolescents.  Depending on the developmental age and the personality, I use art or play therapy to explore a young client’s inner world.


In family therapy, unlike individual therapy, the entire family is treated as one system. I explore the cause of the family’s dysfunctional communication styles and behavioral patterns, and then help them replace those with healthy family dynamics.

How to proceed with counseling

  1. Please contact us via the inquiry form on this site or Email us.

  2. Set a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit. 

  3. You will complete the required forms, and pick a time and date for the initial session.

  4. In the initial session, we collaboratively set goals of therapy. I gather assessment information.


Standard Rates: 15,000yen per 55 minute session

*If we mutually agree that we need to extend the session time, we will prorate the fees (i.e., 22,500yen for 90 min)

*There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. Appointments that are canceled less than 24-hours in Yo will advance or no-show will be charged the standard fee for a full session.

For those who are financially unable to afford my standard rates, I offer a sliding scale depending on household income.

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